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“God does not ask anything else of you except that you let yourself go and let God be God in you.” - Meister Eckhart


The link between spirituality and wellness is well-documented, and more and more clients want to incorporate their spiritual beliefs into therapy. Deborah is experienced in working with people from many different cultural and faith traditions, supporting them in their desire to find solutions and personal meaning consistent with their own belief systems. Her training in art therapy also contributes to her interest in spirituality, since many people find creativity and art helpful in expressing the depth and mystery inherent in spiritual experience.

Spiritual Direction

Deborah is a Certified Spiritual Director, which required three years of training in the process of spiritual direction, a method used to help people understand the meaning of their own faith journeys. A spiritual director is best understood as a “soul friend,” or one who accompanies you along your journey by helping you question and find the meaning in your experiences. The process is not therapy because its goals are different, but there can often be overlap in issues discussed.

Exploring Spirituality with Art

Individual or facilitated retreats offered in Centering Prayer, Meditation, Labyrinth Walks, Discerning Spiritual Gifts, Creating Sacred Space, Personal Icons, Using Mandalas, and Mindfulness. SoulScape Counseling can also create a program designed to meet the unique needs of your group. Contact Deborah for more information.

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