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Soul Collage®

vacayWhat is SoulCollage®?  Developed by Seena Frost, SoulCollage® is a process of accessing your intuition by creating a deck of amazing cards with deep personal meaning.  These cards, coming from your own psyche, have the ability to transform your life as you allow them to inform you about important decisions or transitions, or simply teach you more about the varied aspects of yourself.

Who does SoulCollage®?  Do you have a pile of beautiful images you have cut from magazines, or a tall stack of glossy magazines that you cannot bring yourself to throw away?  Are you drawn to activities involving intuition and creativity?  Are you drawn to spirituality and psychology, searching for the deeper meaning in your life and relationships?  Do you enjoy exploring your personality?  Do you want to understand your feelings better? Do you love art but consider yourself to be a less than great artist?  Do you want to mix art with journaling?  If you can answer “Yes!” to any of these questions, SoulCollage® is for you!

How do you make a SoulCollage® card?  Using scissors, pre-cut mat boards, glue sticks and abundant images, your hands and heart will move together herbsas you create 5”X 8” cards.  Following the simple SoulCollage® directions, you will play with fragments of images, fitting them together in surprising ways.  The images that you select—or those images that select you—will come straight from your soul, bypassing your mind and yielding powerful insights.  You will have permission to make cards in your own way, and permission to share your cards within a safe and welcoming community.

What do I need to bring to your workshop?  If you have some favorite images that you have been saving, bring those.  Images can come from magazines, old books, photos, greeting cards, post cards, or other sources.  Mat boards, glue sticks, pens, paper and lots of images will be provided in the cost of the workshop.  If you have a good pair of scissors, please bring those.  There will also be some scissors available at the workshop.

Edited Outdoors PicWhat does it mean to be a certified SoulCollage® Facilitator?  Deborah Lindeen is a psychotherapist, art therapist and spiritual director in private practice in Houston.  She is a certified SoulCollage® Facilitator, which means she has attended specialized training and has many hours of experience making her own cards and leading others. Her passion is in helping people to show up boldly in their own lives.

Deborah leads classes, workshops and retreats,  and you can join her next adventure below.

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Soul Sanctuary, Huatulco,Mexico, March 20-25

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Join us for an amazing experience on the Pacific coast of Mexico for 5 days of SoulCollage®, journaling and other creative modalities.  Our luxury villa complete with private chef is in the beautiful unspoiled town of Huatulco–off the beaten path, off the grid, and definitely out of this world!  Attending this workshop will rejuvenate and refresh you, as well as help you set important intentions for your life.

If not now, when will you step into your larger life?


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