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Light Knows When We Are Looking

March 8, 2016

“Light knows when we are looking”—James Turrell, artist

RF Beautiful CloudsLast night I attended a celebration of St. Brigid at the Quaker Meeting House in the Heights. This simply-constructed building offers up its open invitation to light, and to all those who seek the light, to linger and take in the beauty. We are lucky to have several of Turrell’s lightscapes here in Houston, and I’ve followed his career with interest. In a recent interview, he made the following startling statement:

“Light knows when we are looking.” I was struck by the statement then.

After last night’s experience, I believe it to be true. Maybe not scientifically or verifiably true, but true nevertheless, in a deeper and more mysterious way. I felt Light’s gaze on me as I watched, and knew that Light felt my gaze. It was a profound experience of mirroring, that most basic of all human instincts in which we seek out the eyes of our caretakers and see ourselves mirrored in them. Science tells us that within the first few moments following birth, mammals are hardwired to seek out the eyes of their mother. Our brains are building the neuronal pathways for attunement, attachment, and later connection with others.

Last night’s experience of Light was both familiar and new, another of the countless paradoxical encounters I have had with that being I choose to call God.

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Deborah Lindeen is a Licensed Professional Counselor, a Board Certified Art Therapist, and a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor.  Her lifelong interest in spirituality, has shaped her flexible, collaborative, and results-oriented practice philosophy, offering therapy, art therapy, and SoulCollage®.


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